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Configuration Window

Preferences screen

Here you can change some world TVRT basic functions:

Language: Select the default language used by the software to show captions, buttons and help pages, this change also modify the activation and splash windows languages. Menus and station information remain in English no matter what language is used as default.

Minimize to System Tray: When it is enabled the software is minimized to the Systray not to the taskbar, very useful if you are using world TVRT and need the taskbar space to load other applications.


To restore world TV and Radio Tuner when it is on the System Tray, click on the small TV icon (near the system clock) a menu will show two options Restore and Exit, select the appropriate option it will Open the Window or terminate all the processes and stations running on world TVRT.

Start on TV Mode: This option only takes affect when the software is activated, when enabled, the software will start directly in the player Window instead of the Splash Window.