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La Television del Futuro

IPTV - Peer to Peer Television

Estructura peer to peerExiten varias definiciones acerca de la estructura de red conocida como peer to peer, muchas de ellas (si no todas) hablan solamente acerca del aspecto negativo de la misma. Una red P2P es y debe ser mas que un medio para la transferencia ilegal de software, musica, peliculas, etc.

Peer to Peer TV

Peer to Peer Television - P2PTV

peer to peer structureThere are several definitions about peer to peer network structure, many of them (if not all) talk only about the dark side of it. A peer to peer network is and should be, more than illegal transfer of copies of software, movies, music, etc.

Windows Media Encoding Script


Windows Media™ Encoing Script


WME - Guia paso a paso

Guia Básica de Windows Media™ Encoder



Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media™ Encoder



Familia Microsoft Windows Media - Introduccion

La Familia Microsoft Windows Media™



Social Networking - An approach to Social bookmarking

A selection of Social bookmarking - permalinks


Since the Social Bookmarking phenomenon is spreading exponentially, we decided to take a ride on it.

Nowadays it is not easy to rank a website or get a steady number of visitors without it; Social Bookmarking has adepts all over the world, not only because is "IN", it is also because it makes sense, here is how I understand Social Bookmarking at its real effect on Internet browsing trends:


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The Microsoft Windows Media Family - Introduction

The Microsoft Windows Media™ Family



Our Very own TV channel

worldtvradio's TV channel - Powered by YouTube

You-Tube now allows to create TV channels, based on website content, it is not only a good idea, the video lineup is also, closely related to worldtvradio's blog (TV and Radio Broadcasting guides and tools).


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