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ConaxSat PVR Receivers

ConaxSat Receiver

ConaxSat is among the most popular FTA brands in North America, probably because ConaxSat main goal was to bring to the Free to Air community an advanced set top box at a price that is truly affordable. All ConaxSat receivers include PVR functionality, USB upgradeability, and an advanced EPG (up to 10 days), even since its first model CNX-V1.

Sirius The Best Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio

TiVo - The First DVR

TiVo - Digital Video Recorder

What is TiVo anyways? TiVo is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), It is a video device that captures television programming to a hard disk for later viewing known as ("time shifting"). TiVo also provides an EPG ( Electronic Programming Guide), and provides recording options based on that guide up to two weeks in advance.

JumpTV - Television por internet

JumpTV - Descubra la TV por internet

Jump TV, Inc.

CaptiveWorks Free to Air Receivers


CaptiveWorks is one of the most trusted names by FTA users and fans. With a good combination of quality and support at affordable prices. CaptiveWorks offers a lineup of 6 FTA receivers and one DVB Recorder

Jump TV - Leader in IPTV

Jump TV - Biggest Internet TV Provider

Jump TV, Inc.

Captain Receivers

Captain FTA STBs

First Captain FTA receiver to hit the North American market was 8000 HD in April 2007. Captain receivers were welcome by reviewers and users, there are two factors that motivated them: Price: Captain receivers offer one of the best cost-benefit relations in the highly competitive FTA market and a second to none manufacturer warranty; five years.

Buzz F2A STBs

Buzz Receivers

Ariza FTA Receivers

Ariza Technology - Free to Air Receivers

Ariza first receiver in North America was Ariza AT-1000; the last one to hit the market is Ariza 800S, there are another 8 models in between. Ariza technology doesn't sell their receivers directly to the public, instead they use their website to show to potential customers two online shops, one for canadian market one for USA customers.

Free to Air TV

FTA Television -

Satellite dishes never are enoughWhen it comes to talk about FTA TV, it is better to start with the "real" definition of it:


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