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P2P TV and Radio Directory

Peer To Peer Television and Radio Directory

It is time to add P2P channels to our directory

With more than 5000 channels available worldwide, Peer to Peer television is not longer the future, today it is becoming the preferred mean to broadcast television on internet, not only by channels owners and producers but for their viewers and fans.

Fortec Star Receivers

Fortec Star STBs - Good quality better price

Back in 2002, Fortec Star Ultra was de most popular, easy to use, easy to update, easy to everything receiver available on the FTA TV market, today still been used by many satellite enthusiasts both as Real Free To air Receiver or by downloading third party software that "convert" them to other FTA (the one that is not free for real ;-) brands.

ExtremeView Magnum and Titan

ExtremeView - A big question Mark


ExtremeView Inc, produces and supports ExtremeView line of receivers, this relatively new company (on business since 2006), offers low price receivers with a extremely high video quality, according with several reviews posted everywere by enthusiast users in USA and Canada.

world TV & Radio Tuner version 7

world TVRT version 7 Now available



After 6 months of testing and evaluation of several factors including: server load, consumed banwidth and database performance we have decided to keep a free edition of world TVRT; at the same time we are launching a fully operative edition with a reduced price.

world TVRT version 7.00 now includes more than 1750 TV channels and an amazing number of radio stations, more than 9500... and counting.

Dreambox a Linux powered receiver

Dreambox a Open Source Linux Powered DVB Receiver

Jaman -Cine Internacional con calidad DVD

Jaman, "Peer to Peer" Servicio de Peliculas en la web

Indie and international films. Watch now on Jaman!

Jump TV - Leader in IPTV

Jump TV - Biggest Internet TV Provider

Jump TV, Inc.

Jaman, P2P movies with style

Jaman, Peer to Peer Web Movie Service

Indie and international films. Watch now on Jaman!

Digiwave Satellite Receivers

Digiwave - Low Cost FTA Receivers

HomeVision Technology Inc. Distributes Digiwave STBs in Canada and USA, Digiwave factory is located in ZhuHai City, China and are directly imported by them, that is maybe, the main reason why Digiwave receivers are among the cheapest ones. They explain this situation in just one phrase "HomeVision can bring you the best quality with the lowest price". HomeVision is related to satellite communications since 2002.

Coolsat FTA Receivers

Coolsat Free to Air Receivers


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