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Radio Tuner App

A radio digital app is an application that allows someone to listen to a public radio station through the use of an radio tuner application. By downloading this program onto your iPhone for example, you can listen to many public radio stations via streaming on your iPhone or iPod Touch when the free Public Radio Tuner application from the iTunes App Store.

How the radio works

Simplifying, we can say that, basically, a radio receiver in an electrical circuit is designed in such a way that allows you to filter or separate a tiny stream, which is generated by the antenna, the effect of electromagnetic waves (the phenomenon is called induction electromagnetic) which usually arrive by air (although travel by any means, including the vacuum) and then selectively amplified thousands of times to send it to an element with an electromagnet, which is the speaker (or speaker), which transforms electrical information into sound.

Satellite Television

Satellite television is a television transmission method of making a bounce off a communications satellite television signal emitted from a point on the Earth, so that it can reach other parts of the planet. In this way the distribution of television signals to large tracts of land, regardless of its mountainous nature.

There are three types of television satellite direct reception by the viewer (DBS) reception for the heads of cable television (for onward distribution) and services from local TV affiliates.

Hooked on Music

Lately I am hooked to this unique platform in recent years has revolutionized the concept of online music. With about 20 million users, Last FM has become the preferred radio mus ¡cal of internet and an online revolution.

What about internet radio?

Are becoming less radio stations that broadcast music from cyberspace. This is the main conclusion of a study conducted by the U.S. company BRS Media (www.brsmedia.fm), which shows that the number of webcasters (or online radio stations) has fallen 31% over last year. This decline means that 5 thousand 710 stations that were in 2001, was 940 to 3 thousand in September 2002.

With the development of the Internet, create an online radio station can be a very simple, requiring minimal investment.

Internet TV Online

Internet TV, Chau box boba

Watching television has become a different experience. Not to mention the traditional box silly, but the computer from which we can now not only tune signal cable (through a device as small as a USB stick), but also access websites that allow us to see different programs and in some cases, participate.

Medinalia.com is just one of the best examples in the Hispanic television theme Internet. This site has been operating for some months as a directory of links from which we can access some 1,600 television channels and 1,500 radio stations online.

Option for Online Radio

New option for online radio

Make a conversational style of radio promises to be simple Podcast.es with the emergence of a new space that helps create, host and disseminate sound files in MP3 format.

Podcast.es Spain offers the possibility to create podcasts for free. To have this option only you must create an account with your name, desired password and e-mail. The interface of the website is quite simple and friendly.

An application to automatically flash your web browser in a virtual video recorder to start his first recordings with the aid of a microphone.

Amazon Kindle THE New Wireless Reading Device

Amazon Kindle: The True What is... If this morning saw some early data from the new wireless reading device, the Amazon Kindle, now that it has made the formal presentation and we can give you all the information on this digital book reader. This device was created with the idea of being able to obtain access to any book you want in minutes. Is not, therefore, to load books from the computer, but to get them directly through their connection to EV-DO high speed. Thus, wherever we can get the book you want, after passage through safe, obviously.

Web Hosting for Apple -Xserve

Xserve is Apple's name for its line of servers. Since its initial launch (in 1996) until now has been implemented with successive revisions and improvements. Thanks to him you can use variety of applications such as file servers, web servers, or even high-performance applications, etc..

New TV Channels Available

Worldtvradio's New TV and Radio Channel Look is coming

New TV channels list


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