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Tuner For Windows

The Windows operating system, comes with a player, which is the Windows Media Player. With this media player you can play radio stations and also create an Internet radio station on your PC. One of the latest version is the Windows Media Player 10, which does not have the usual Radio Tuner button on the Features task-bar, as in the 9 series, but the feature is still available.

Radio Tuner For Sale

There are many radio stations all over the world, broadcasting different programmes. To receive a radio signal, the apparatus should firstly be able to distinguish and separate the different radio frequencies that are available at a given place. The tuner is a device which does just that.

Radio Tuner for PC

A radio tuner for PCs is an asset for listening to radio stations on the Internet. There are online radio tuners as well as other digital tuners. Many different types are there to choose from.

Radio Tuners For Computer

Radio tuner cards that will enable someone to listen to AM/FM radio stations from their computers is all well and good, but to be watch television programs is the direction that technology is going. People want to downsize: They want to use their computers for all sources of media, messaging, radio and television. Radio tuner cards that are equipped to be used in PCs will enable them to do this.

Radio Tuner Downloads

A good radio tuner download lets you have the world at your fingertips? There are hundred of television stations and thousands of radio stations that can be listened via the computer by virtue of radio tuner downloads. All this is required is an Internet connection which will allow over 406 television stations and 1,502 radio stations to be heard/viewed.

Radio Tuner Cards

There are many radio tuner cards on the market - so many in fact, that it is difficult to understand what exactly will meet your needs. The reviews are all across the board - some written by those who just like to see their words in print; others whose reviews are one or two lines and pretty much useless.

Radio Station Tuner

A radio digital tuner receives radio signals by way of satellite and converts them into a signal that the radio can use.  A tuner is an adjustable device which passes some radio frequencies or band of frequencies, excluding others, by using electrical resonance.  A tuner performs the process of selecting the desired signal but its output is not directly usable and must be sent to another device.  Usually, tuners are sold with built-in audio amplifiers, loudspeakers, and/or a video display to form a radio receiver or television set.  These tuners can be either stereo or m

XT Satellite Radio Tuner

The Delphi Road-Ready XT (XM) Satellite Radio Tuner is a tiny plug-and-play XM satellite radio receiver which is includes a car kit, seven display colors, and FM-transmitter feature broadcasts to nearby FM radio.  It is probably the smallest and lightest XM satellite radio you can buy. Unfortunately, it has a plug-and-play design and must be used with an XM boombox or a car  or home-docking station.

Radio Tuner Antenna

The phrase radio tuner antenna is a bit of a misnomer as an antenna does not tune the radio or any part of it.  What an antenna tuner does is transform the impedance at the antenna feed output at the radio to a value that your transceiver can handle, normally 50 Ohms.

Radio Digital Tuner

A tuner is a circuit module or free-standing piece of equipment which locates radio frequency signals, even those of low amplitude and amplifies and converts them to a form suitable for further processing. A radio tuner receives radio broadcasts and converts them into audio-frequency signals which can then be fed into an amplifier driving a loudspeaker.


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