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How Television Was Born

Most of us think of television as having come into being during the 1950s when those TVs with tiny screens became available.  However, the first steps of television were actually taken in the 19th Century, and tottering as they were, they have led up to HDTV and wall wide plasma screens.  It would be fair to say that television has made an enormous impact on the world, both good and bad, and has been instrumental in making the world a much smaller place.

Satellite Dishes Have Expanded Your World

Up until fairly recently, only the antennas jutting from the roofs of homes and apartments were able to bring in television signals.  Depending on where you lived, this would limit the availability of programming.  Those who lived near major cities would usually have a fairly good range of stations to choose from, but if you lived in an out-of-the-way area, you would probably be stuck with whatever was available from small local stations.  The broadcasting towers situated in cities could only get out the signal so far, and once the curvature of the earth entered the equation,

Those Great Days Of Early Radio

It is hard for us nowadays, with our access to television, the internet, and radio, to imagine a time when none of these things was available.  There were no music programs, discussions, or game shows.  Entertainment had to be created by the people in each household, so it is not hard to imagine that many homes were fairly silent.  Concerts were fairly few and far between, and those living in rural areas might not have the opportunity to hear much music except at infrequent dances.  This all changed when radio began to be broadcast during the beginning of the 20th centur

Radio Is There When You Need It

From its inception, radio has always been a reliable means of communication.  The first broadcasts brought music that most people would otherwise never have heard into their homes to make their lives more rich and meaningful.  Radio has been used in wartime and in peace, and as such, has impacted the lives of almost every person on the globe.  Even in these days of internet communication, radio still has a place.

The Start of Radio

The Nineteenth Century saw the beginning of investigation into electromagnetic waves and their possible application. We who have benefitted from the discoveries of those early times can only marvel that these scientists, both amateur and professional, were able to uncover what they did with the primitive tools at hand. So many men contributed to the development of radio, that it is impossible to give credit to any one individual. While Guglielmo Marconi is considered the father of radio, as with most inventions, he also relied up the work of many others.

Broaden Your Horizons

Everyone knows that travel opens you up to new locations, people, and cultures.  There is always that spirit of the unknown when you enter a country for the first time, especially if it is one that does not speak your native language.  Unfortunately, traveling to a foreign country can simply be beyond the ability or means of most people.  Not only are there financial considerations, but often it is impossible to get away from work or other obligations. 

Free TV And Radio Online

It’s Come A Long Way

Some of us may remember those early, tiny, black and white televisions.  At the time, they certainly seemed miraculous, but developments in the intervening years now make them seem hopelessly primitive.  From a screen that was little larger than a dinner plate, you can now have a television screen that will fill a wall.  There is a wide range of programs available via satellite dish or cable, and these have offered a chance for nearly everyone to expand their viewing horizons greatly.

15 Technologies That Changed The Way We Watch Television

It’s easy to take for granted how important your television really is.  It revolutionized how information spreads, empowered the common man and helped end atrocities like Vietnam and civil inequality.

But in the bustle of life, it’s easy to lose sight of the TV advances that gave society so much power. Consider this article an eye opener; below you’ll find some of the most important (and oft-forgotten) gadgetry that brought TV and windup radios or shortwave radios to where it is today…

1. Mechanical Tv

How To Get Access To Your Favorite Online TV/Radio?

In an internet era, television and radio are going online. You won’t miss anything even when you are on the go. The number of online radio and TV subscribers is getting higher and higher each day and the service is getting better. Lots and loads of channels are going online as it is a must “to be alive” in the present scenario.

So, how to get access to these hundreds or thousands of channels and where to find the channel best suited to your passions. This can be done in two ways; visiting an online directory or using the special software built for that.

Radio Tuner Freeware

Internet Radio or the Web Radio uses the internet in transmitting stations and is different from the conventional Radio which is “on-air” in spreading their frequencies. The different technologies have many differences in functioning and their characteristics differ. A station broadcasting on the internet is available all over the world while the radio station has a limited radius of broadcasting capacity. Another important difference in the Web Radio is that, there can be interactivity. The listener is able to interact with the broadcast in many ways.


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