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Satellite radio has revolutionised the radio industry and radio programming is never going to be the same again. Sirius satellite radio the main service provider, in mainland United States and Canada, broadcasts more than 120 channels of very high standard of radio programming. Some of the programs are exclusive and you wont get to hear them on any other radio service. Sirius satellite radio service provides over 65 channels of commercial-free music, covering almost all the different genres like Pop, Rock, Classical, Country, Jazz, Latin and more.

Sirius Satellite Radio Reception

Sirius Satellite Radio first started broadcasting in 2002 and since then has achieved a huge customer base. Apart from the excellent programming content, the Sirius Satellite Radio Reception is quite good, given that the satellite technology is being used first time on such a huge scale for radio broadcasting. You can enjoy high fidelity digital audio output on your satellite radio, without any static or noise.

Sirius Satellite Radio Logo

Sirius Satellite Radio was founded in 1990, and was called Satellite CD Radio, Inc. at that time. In 1999 the company moved to its new head-quaters in New York and was renamed Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. Sirius is the name of a bright star, and it is sometimes referred to as the Dog Star. This name was given to the company by its founder David Margolese and its marketing chief Ira Bahr.

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Sirius satellite radio service has over 10 million subscribers in the United States and their popularity seems to be growing even with the present economic downturn. Sirius provides excellent programming content, their three powerful satellites and terrestrial signal repeater networks, give you an uninterrupted radio stream in digital quality audio. Sirius also has a wide range of radio models with sophisticated features and controls. The latest models are the plug-and-play devices which give you portability of your radio, and the advantage of saving on multiple subscriptions.

Refurbished Sirius Radios

When any device is returned to the manufacturer, because of a minor defect or for any other reason, the manufacturer will repair the defect, certify the product and re-sell it as a refurbished product. These refurbished products are sold at a discount, and in the United States it is illegal to sell a returned product as new. Sometimes products are returned even when the item does not have any problem in its performance, and maybe due to color or some other cosmetic reason. A refurbished product is as good as new, and the advantage in buying one, is that you get a good discount.

Sirius Satelite Radios

The excellent programming content of Sirius satelite radio service has made it the most popular radio service in United States and Canada, and people do not mind paying a subscription fee to listen to their programming. There are over 120 channels consisting of music, sports, news, talk and entertainment. Sirius has three powerful satellites that cover the whole of United States and Canada from coast to coast and give a clear digital quality reception. The popularity of the service has resulted in many different models of Sirius Satelite Radios being manufactured.

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Sirius satellite radio broadcasts over 120 channels of high quality entertainment and information, to the whole of mainland United States and Canada. This service has become very popular and there are more than 18 million subscribers in United States alone. The popularity of this service is because of its superior programming content and clear digital quality reception. All the 69 music channels are totally commercial-free and the other channels consist of categories like sports, news, talk and entertainment.

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Satellite technology has revolutionised the radio industry, and you can find one service that can broadcast over a whole continent. Sirius satellite radio has become popular in the United States and currently has more than 18 million subscribers. The company has there powerful satellites in geosynchronous orbits over United States and also a network of terrestrial signal repeaters, that will give you uninterrupted radio stream, in digital quality audio. Sirius provides the best entertainment and information, that one can find on any radio services.

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Sirius satellite radio is the leading satellite radio service provider in the United States and very popular for its excellent programming content. There are over 120 channels broadcasted by Sirius and they cover music, sports, entertainment, talk and news. These channels are geared to provide you with the best entertainment and the latest information on different topics.

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In United States and Canada, Sirius Satellite Radio has become the most popular satellite radio service provider. Excellent programming content and uninterrupted broadcasts, has gained the appreciation of the public, and people do not mind paying the subscription fees. To receive this programming, you have to Buy Sirius Radios, and there are many different models available online and in different radio stores. Advancement in technology has made the Sirius radios more compact and now have many advanced features.