Sirius tuner for Audi

Sirius Satellite radio is a wonderful thing to have in your car and is all you need for entertainment and keep you awake during long drives. Your beautiful Audi will be complete with the music and programs from the Sirius and XM satellite radio. To get this, you will need a tuner. Most manufacturers support satellite radio with the car otherwise you can always get one installed.

SiriusConnect Tuner

The radio tuner has truly come a long way. During the old days the radio tuner was not a very attractive proposition and many would flinch at the idea of such a big and heavy piece of equipment to be carried around by a person. The concept of communication over short as well as long distances changed with the advent of the radio. The wireless age had set in.

SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner SCC1

A tuner is a device that helps to receive radio signals, differentiates the different stations, and gives an audio output. The SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 helps to receive the signals of Sirius Satellite Radio service in your vehicle. The tuner is not a stand-alone device and you will require a receiver to listen to the audio. You have to connect this tuner to a receiver or stereo in your vehicle that is compatible with Sirius or SAT Radio. There are many models of stereos which are Sirius-ready because of the popularity of Sirius Satellite Radio service.

Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle Tuner

One of the earliest models, with a simple box design, the Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle Tuner is still popular among people wanting to listen to Sirius satellite radio in their vehicle. This is a sturdy and compact tuner which has stood the test of time, and has got many favourable reviews from its many users. The tuner is compatible with any Sirius-ready head unit and also with many, SAT radio-ready factory head units.

Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner

Sirius satellite radio service is an excellent way to keep yourself and the family entertained on any commute. The service broadcasts more than 120 channels of quality entertainment, covering mainland United States and Canada. You can get music, news, sports and entertainment channels while driving, and the channels cover programmes for all age groups. More than 60 channels deliver non-stop commercial-free music of all genres. From the latest hits to the evergreen oldies all the music is covered from Rock, to Classical, to Country.

Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1

The Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 will enable you to receive Sirius satellite radio broadcasts on the head unit of your vehicle. The head unit will have to be either SAT radio-ready or Sirius-ready. All head units will not be compatible with this tuner and might require a special interface device and cable, to connect to the tuner. Once the tuner is installed and have paid the Sirius subscription fees, you can receive more than 120 channels of entertainment, music, sports and news in digital quality sound.

Sirius Connect Universal Tuner

The Sirius Connect Universal Tuner has remained the most popular model for receiving Sirius satellite radio in a vehicle. Sirius satellite radio, is very popular in the United States and Canada, and many people prefer to listen to its broadcasts in their cars over their daily commutes. Sirius provides more than 120 digital channels of entertainment, and people love to listen to over 60 commercial-free music channels, covering all the genres of English music. The commute is made more enjoyable by listening to Pop, Classical, Rock, Country; to name a few of the genres of music.

Sirius Connect Tuner For

The Sirius Connect Tuner for getting Sirius Satellite Radio on your Sirius-ready home AV receivers or home theater systems, is a small but powerful device. The device is built to work with Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready audio equipments. The output of this sophisticated device is in high fidelity RCA Analog and Optical digital audio outputs. Its sleek and compact dimensions makes it easy to place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall. The main purpose of this device is to receive the famous Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts on your AV receivers and other compatible audio equipments.

Sirius Xact Satellite Radio Receiver

With over 130 channels of high quality entertainment, Sirius Satellite Radio is gaining increasing popularity since its inception in 2002. There are more than 65 channels devoted to commercial-free music and they cover genres like Rock, Pop, Country, Christian, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, Dance and International. The sport channels broadcast play-by-play coverage of the popular games, and also have channels that cover interviews with the top players, team owners and other famous sports personalities.

Sirius Stock Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio gave its first broadcast in 2002 and since then has become the favourite radio service for many Americans. The service covers the whole of mainland United States and Canada, with it three powerful satellites, which are in geo-synchronous, highly elliptical orbits. You can enjoy high quality digital audio from these signals.