Station Name: Antenne West TV

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Germany

Television is this integral part of our daily life. It’s almost impossible to imagine having everything but a TV. With the continued advancements in science and more so technology, television is not limited with a TV set per se. Not when the internet is readily available. Besides being the biggest single information resource in existence, it’s entirely possible to watch online TV. With dedicated sites like, it’s possible to listen to internet radio and watch TV online.

The Antenne West TV is a fine example of these stations that can easily be watched online. Located in the little town of Trier in Germany, the channel is broadcasted wirelessly at The streaming speed is 350, which though not the fastest, does suffice in bringing clear pictures. The sound is stereo, as it would be predicted, which too is good enough to give some quality sound given the accompaniment of the right kind of stereo speakers.

The Antenne West TV’s schedule is not availed for viewing simply because of its availability. However, you are at liberty to launch the station and catch any program that maybe of interest to you. Being a German channel, the broadcasts are made in German, which is expected given the location of the channel.

The compatible player that goes with the online TV channel is Windows media player. It’s the software of choice in most cases, given its popularity and ease of use. Compatibility with other kinds is not always guaranteed. Software information in relation to this is offered on its own dedicated web page on the site. Antenne West TV is live rather than on demand, and is ready for airing any time when the command is prompted. With an internet connection that is stable, and a fixed data charge, you can watch the online channel to satisfaction.

Antenne West TV


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Antenne West TV
Antenne West TV - Online TV channel From :: Germany
Country/State Germany
City Trier
Language German
Speed 350
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
Home Page Antenne West TV Homepage
ScheduleAntenne West TVSchedule Not Available
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