Station Name: BRT 2 Bayrak Televizyon

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Cyprus

BRT 2 Bayrak Televizyon is an Internet radio station and online television all the way from Cyprus. It is transmitted from the city of Nicosia in Cyprus and through the use of the Turkish language. It is a treat for anybody from Cyprus or can comprehend Turkish. For the people from Cyprus who might be traveling or staying away from home, the television offers them a chance to know what is happening back home and get a gist of the programming, interaction and happenings that might be taking place back home.

At only a speed of about 143 and through listening to this great TV station through Stereo sound, you might only need a laptop or PC for that matter, broadband or any other type of Internet connection and you can start listening to BRT 2 Bayrak Televizyon. You can visit the station's home page and have a feel of what is lined up for you as well as the chance to talk to others like you who might have joined the television to listen to the occurrences in Cyprus. If you are learning Turkish, you might want to take the Station and its homepage as the best to start getting the best of the language and to hear it in use.

The station is superb in broadcasting sports, news, talks, educational content, arts, entertainment, cultural and other types of social events types of programs. This also happens within the radio station it owns and you might also want to check it out. With live feeds from Bayrak, you can forget staying for days without realizing how the local entertainment scene is going down. From station that has a long history from 1963, the station is a true success story in the art of television programming and with such a less speed of only 143 there is no reason why you should not be listening to it.

BRT 2 Bayrak Televizyon


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BRT 2 Bayrak Televizyon
BRT 2 Bayrak Televizyon - Online TV channel From :: Cyprus
Country/State Cyprus
City Nicosia
Language Turkish
Speed 143
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
Home Page BRT 2 Bayrak Televizyon Homepage
ScheduleBRT 2 Bayrak TelevizyonSchedule Not Available
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