Station Name: 106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain

Internet Radio stations and Television From: United Arab Emirates

Dubai has been a media hub where most Middle East countries and the entire region depend on for both radio and TV transmissions. Very few terrestrial television channels as well as radio stations are listened to from other regions. When in United Arab Emirates, you have a chance to choose from very many regional channels that offer great entertainment all along.

106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain in United Arab Emirates is the best station around the region. It has a great satellite transmission that makes it clear and great in transmission. The transmission is very strong and has been known to produce the best entertainment all along with the greatness in the programs aired.
106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain in United Arab Emirates airs programs in diversified languages meaning that you do not miss out in the programming. They have programs in many languages including Arabic, Urdu, English, Hindi, Malayan and Filipino. These are the most spoken languages around the region by the respective people. With the FM band quite crowded, this station has won the hearts of many people because of the great transmission. It broadcasts without any interference from the rest of the stations. This issue has been affecting many other stations in the region.

106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain improves its general standards by day. It can now rank as the best among many other metropolitan city stations found all over the world. Even with the strict government regulations on transmissions within the United Arab Emirates, this station has passed the mark of quality. It has the biggest number of followers around the region meaning that it is well known and has the best entertainment in the region.

106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain

Abu Dhabi

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106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain
106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain - Internet radio station From :: United Arab Emirates
Country/State United Arab Emirates
City Abu Dhabi
Language Arabic
Speed 20
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
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