World TV & Radio Tuner provides free access to thousands of Internet Radio Stations and Online TV Channels, via its our FREE globally awarded software world TV and Radio Tuner. Our database contains 10,000+ Radio Stations from 140 Countries and 1800 Television Channels from 100 Countries.

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Here that? That’s the sound of music, news, sitcoms, talk shows, political commentary, comedy, public radio streaming instantly over the Internet, straight to your computer. Wondering why it sounds so sweet? It’s because it’s absolutely free. That’s right – over 1,800 live television channels and over 10,000 online radio stations from 160 countries around the world all for free. No hardware, no cables or satellite dishes, in fact, you don’t even need t a television to tune in to the top radio and TV stations from across the globe. That’s the beauty of World TV Radio & Tuner – you get more channels than cable and satellite from more countries and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Online Television: How it’s Made Possible

You’re probably wondering how it’s even possible to stream so many live channels from so many countries without missing a beat or charging a cent. It’s all thanks to a little thing called convergence. Without getting too deeply into the technical details, technological convergence is a phenomenon that’s happening across all sectors of high technology, including mobile phones, personal computers, gaming, digital radio tuner, photography and video and any other type of technology that just keeps getting better and better.  Select a good Podcast Download from this site learn how to podcast in the same token.

Think of it this way: twenty years ago, could you even imagine taking a picture with your phone? How about sending emails from your video game console or renting movies on your laptop? That’s convergence at work and it’s the trend that’ll continue to define the technological age as we progress through the 21st century.

Internet TV is just another example of convergence. Anyone who has owned a computer for a few years knows that Internet connection speeds are getting faster and more affordable everyday. Gone are the days when you’d have to pay by the minute for a piddly 14.4 kbps dialup connection. Now, we have broadband speeds thanks to cable and DSL Internet connections with speeds above and beyond 2.0 Mbps that allow us to stay connected 24 hours a day. The affordability and speed of today’s Internet connections opens the doors to high quality real time streaming video. You can watch live, free, legal shows over the Internet, including:

  • Internet exclusive TV channels
  • Traditional TV stations simulcast live on the Web
  • On demand content from traditional stations and networks
  • Web exclusive extras from traditional TV stations and networks
  • All stations are reachable worldwide from any Eton emergency crank radio, Grundig emergency radio, Shortwave radios, emergency crank radio or crank radio and the Eton Fr300 emergency crank radio. Emergency crank/dynamo and shortwave radios are all households must haves.

Internet radio stations also leverage the universal affordability and global reach of the Internet to bring eclectic music, news, opinions and commentary to audiences all over the world. Like Internet TV stations, many Internet radio stations also have corresponding traditional radio stations, meaning you can tune in live to KCRW in Santa Monica, California from Singapore or catch up with the latest news in the U.K. by tuning into BBC One from Sao Paulo, Brazil. But perhaps the best thing about having over 10,000 free online radio stations at your fingertips is that you never have to sit through a commercial or trite pop song ever again. There are thousands of genres and formats to please any taste, from conservative talk shows to 24-hour doom metal stations.

Through the beauty of the Internet, you can watch online TV or tune in to Web-radio without any additional hardware or TV tuners. Using our state-of-the-art World TV & Radio Tuner software, you can stream media straight to your computer, letting it run in the background without slowing down your system, just as if you were listening to a CD in Windows Media Player or iTunes. The setup process is dead simple – if you’ve watched a video on YouTube, you’ll have absolutely no trouble tuning in to live radio and TV stations from around the world using World TV & Radio Tuner or a crank radio.

Is Free Online TV and Web-Radio Legal?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve likely heard about the legal issues surrounding music, television shows and movies being traded on the Internet through peer-to-peer networks and BitTorrent sites. After learning about the impacts and risks of piracy, it’s logical that you’d be wary of any kind of free media being offered on the Internet. But with World TV & Radio Tuner, there’s no need to worry. No need for pirate FTA files with our tuner for shortwave radios frequencies.

listen to 7800+ internet radio stations and 1240+ television chanels

That’s because the content you receive from online radio and TV stations is what is known as streaming media. Streaming media is the Internet equivalent of a TV or radio signal being broadcast over the airwaves to your home. The individual songs, TV shows or movies are never saved onto your hard drive, meaning you don’t have to worry about copyright issues, viruses or running out of disk space. Just like attaining the rights to the music is the responsibility of the radio station sending out a traditional broadcast, all the concerns and liability regarding intellectual property and performance rights falls solely on the staff of the Web-radio station.  Radio & TV reception via Cell Phones is also very cool!

If you’re hearing it through World TV & Radio Tuner, it means that it’s already been cleared with the record company and copyright owners.

Ready to Explore the Exciting World of Internet TV and Web-Radio?

Try World TV & Radio Tuner now – just pick a station from our TV Channel Lineup or Radio Stations Lineup and you’ll be tuned in to live radio or TV within seconds. With over 1,800 live TV stations from over 120 countries and 10,000 online radio stations from over 160 countries, there’s no way you won’t find something you like. Give World TVRT a try – It’s fast, it’s easy and best of all, it’s free!